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Hey it’s been a minute. Let me update y’all.

Nothing new from the amazingly brilliant (will I ever mention them negatively? Will I call them schmucks or losers? Probably not. Having spent my life til last week in ignorance of them, I’ll spend the remainder of it praising them for their reaction to one of my books. Weird, eh?) @jrlibraryguild. No awards, no novelty cheques, no honorable mentions, no accolades. Someone got hold of a copy of Your Story Matters (which isn’t even out yet; it’s the one the geniuses at the @jrlibraryguild liked) and brought it for me to sign at the Forest of Reading celebration in Toronto last week. Which was kind of cool. But my overall life is moving on at its regular pace. Taxes, exes, praxis.

Speaking of which, Melanie and I are in substantive edits of the Camp FUNdament book. Erin the Good makes a number of interesting suggestions around clarity (what does the cult actually believe in?) and safety (words that might offend believers: no mohels, no saints, no Eids) but on the whole she likes the focus and movement.

When I start a story, I throw lots of ideas and names out, and see which ones take hold. Erin queried one of the kids on the camp bus. ‘Who is Nancy?’ Fair comment. I wrote the name before I had a role for her, and the role never showed up. Maybe during this rewrite she’ll develop. And maybe she won’t. It’s not that common a name. I know a dozen Tatianas and Tanyas and Tanayas, but apart from my very first crush (Grade 1, brown curls, green plaid kilt) I know no Nancys.

We’ll see.

In other news, my grandchild loves making that raspberry farting noise. The area around him gets a steady misting.


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