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I don't know whether I have gone over to the social media dark side, or am just being an obedient little author. My publisher - Tundra Books - asked me to blurb a couple of their recent offerings, and here we are.

Full disclosure. I like and admire both of these writers. I co-authored a pretty good book (if I may say so - her half was especially good) with one of them.


Marthe Jocelyn is one of the coolest stylists out there. Her Aggie Morton series perfectly captures a time and place, and offers the reader a likable hero, a warm wink, and an interesting puzzle. I've been a fan for years.

Kenneth Oppel is a super-accomplished plot developer. His sprockets always run true with his differential gear and his vehicles glide smoothly along. Here he smoothly transitions from past to present, reality to illusion, humour to horror.

I took these pix myself so the book titles read backwards. Is this necessary? Probably not, but I don't know how to fix it. Is it silly? Why yes. Yes it is.


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