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Building Together

I finished the chapter. No overt racism yet, partly from a desire to save the crisis for later, partly because, well, the topic didn’t come up. I tend to let my characters and the flow of the scene tell me where to go, rather than the other way around.

For those keeping track, the two kids have made contact, and Cody is sleeping in Autumn’s dad’s studio. He’s running away from home, and doesn’t want her folks to find out about him. She’s worried that he needs help. The last line of the chapter is Cody falling asleep, thinking, She better not tell. She better not.

So Autumn has a dilemma. The ball is in Melanie’s half of the court. Let’s see how she sends it back to me.

Wait, that metaphor is not accurate. We are not competing with each other. We are building together. A mystery, a sandcastle, a brick house, something. I have added a bit. Now it’s her turn. One great thing about working with a partner you trust is that whatever decision her hero makes – to tell, not to tell – will be something I can work with.

Is there such a thing as an anti-control freak? Am I one? Answers: maybe, maybe.


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