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Cody is not me. But he's not NOT me.

Pretty good couple of days. Slog has turned to product. I'm finished my chapter.

Character drives my stories – until I realize that I need something to happen. Cody is coming along. There are aspects of me in him. He’s aware of the difference between rich and poor. He’s aware that it’s the little things that grind you down. And he’s a loner. I have racism in my back pocket for now. It’ll come when it comes. Cody has got himself out of a mess with the help of a kind and capable woman, and then has managed to get himself into a different mess all by himself.

One of my favorite things about co-writing is ending my chapter with a scene that could lead in a bunch of directions, and letting my partner decide where we’ll go next. Cody has embarrassed himself and maybe Autumn as well. Her moral and practical choice right now will affect the plot over the next few chapters. Whichever route she decides to take will be great.

I can’t wait to find out!


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