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coffee, lent, life

A day away from blogging and I'm feeling withdrawal. How can one become so addicted so quickly? It's worse than I imagine crack to be. (My research experience in this and related fields is very sketchy.) So, zombies. That's the new book, and it's starting to get off the ground. Still on the first draft stage -- that dirty first draft, with all the mistakes and false trails that don't go anywhere, all the characters you figure you're going to develop, all the clever subplots, the bright and shiny objects you are attracted to and then forget about. (The author as magpie.) First chapters seem good at this time of the morning. Hopeful time of day. For some reason the coffee is very good this morning too. Don't know what I did differently, but the stuff is strong and sharp and darkly wonderful. Back when I did lent, I gave up stuff like candy (easy) and wine (pretty easy) and peanuts (not easy), but it never occurred to me to give up coffee. Lent is an interesting idea. Not part of my background (I was raised a strict atheist) but when I was married I was happy to participate in the family observance. I haven't done it in a few years, and in a weird way I kind of miss it. It's not about suffering for God. I don't really think God wants us to suffer. But there is a focus, an awareness of the metaphysical outside, which is reinforced every time you feel like a handful of peanuts (say) and don't take it. Part of the observed, examined life. Hmm. Still a couple weeks left of lent. Maybe I'll give something up. It won't be blogging, though. Nor coffee. I wonder ...


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