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Deny It All Along The Way

I heard (finally!) from Melanie this morning. Her writing has been delayed by – would you believe – getting her children back to school. What a strange sense of priorities she has! Since when does children’s safety come before a deadline? I just hope she’s happy when our first draft is SEVERAL DAYS late!

Seriously, my heart goes out to all parents of school-age kids (and of course to the kids themselves. And their teachers and support staff). Fear and uncertainty is a tough combination. COVID kicks the doors off any playground bullies. So, while Melanie preps and proofs and worries, I’ll be on my couch with a cup of coffee.

Funny-not-funny that this whole post assumes a privileged life without food/rent insecurities. Or – moving the camera farther back - threats of deportation, internment, government-sanctioned violence. Bubble within a bubble within a bubble.

With the world in crisis, how can I care about the book I’m writing? The book I’m reading (Running Dog, which I am liking way more than Underworld)? The Blue Jays (who have made some good roster moves and should sneak into the playoffs)? And yet I do. That line from Look Homeward Angel might be appropriate now. But I can’t be bothered to look it up.


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