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equinox hangover

And we're up to Day 6 of my carless week. Purim today, time to get out the noisemakers. Or Good Friday, time to fast and abstain. Whichever of these festivals applies to you, I hope you are enjoying your day appropriately. Me, I'm a Vernal Equinox guy. Today it's time to wash off my woad from yesterday and clean the remains of the bacchanal. Nothing on the calendar until Beltane, darn. (Mind you, I'm already looking forward -- that's a Beltane celebration in the picture.)

Want to know what I miss most about having a car? That's right, the very thing I used to complain about. I miss driving the kids around. I never thought I would say that, but it's true. Driving Ed home from a soccer game or Imo from band practice, driving Thea and Sam to school -- these moments are precious. Time in the car with the kids is close time, when you can pay attention to things that matter. Not justice and war and religion (Equinox, when dawn rose on the twins your dance began!) but the things that really matter to you personally: music and sports and TV and snack foods, weird things that teachers and friends and relatives have done. The actual building blocks of a shared existence.

I don't know if I'll get my licence back tomorrow (there's a problem with the timing, since the DMV closes before my licence is officially ready for renewal) but I hope to get the car back. And I'll sit in it while Imo or Thea drives home from Peterborough, and, you know, I'll bet we don't talk about God or Iraq once. We'll talk about important things. Guitar Hero, say.


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