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guys and dolls

First off, some business. Congrats to RONI for a brilliant cover design to my new book, Me & Death. Way to go, Roni.

Now, the actual cover will not look like that. (Publishing companies are stick-in-the-muds.) But RONI's school will win a visit from me in the near future. I will keep RONI's cover on the opening page of the website for a bit, and then show the actual grown-up designed cover of the new book so you can be thinking about it for the spring. Publication date is in April.

Actually, I have to say, the book looks great. I don't know if you'll like the story, but the visual is pretty cool. Wait 'til you see it.

OK, enough about literature. Let's talk about sex instead. And by sex I mean stereotypes. Men and women. Yes, this is going to be one of those what do women want discussions. Seems that all the girls in my life are fond of chocolate. They don't all like the same kind of chocolate, but in general the flavour is a winner. I don't know any guy who thinks this way. Not one. For myself, I'll drink chocolate milk, but I can't remember the last time I bought a chocolate bar, or got excited about a box from Ferrero Rocher or Pot o Gold. So when Miriam said, sometime last week, that as long as there was chocolate and sunshine in the world she'd be happy, I was surprised. I got to thinking about basic needs of the two sexes, viewed as Homer and Barbie stereotypes, and this is what I came up with.

WOMEN -- Chocolate, flowers, sunshine, love, silk.

MEN -- Beer, sex, meat, fire, war.

Pretty elemental, eh? Did I miss anything? I wonder where the sexes meet? Coffee comes to mind. Maybe cocaine. Maybe Paris. And of course everyone loves George Clooney. But most of the rest of the universe seems clearly divided.


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