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How'd we do, Mom?

So the first draft is finished. Are we done? Not even close.

No more free creativity for a while. Now comes the editorial process. Our first meeting starts in an hour. Am I excited? Confident? Worried?

Yes. Not really. A little bit.

The first big reveal – letting someone else see your stuff – has already happened. Mel and I have shared as we went. So we know that the other is more or less on board.

Now a stranger – a stranger with power over us – is reading and making notes. Is she chortling, nodding appreciatively, sighing in all the right places? Maybe. Will she say it’s perfect, that we don’t have to change a thing? No. Will she tell us to start all over again? Gee, I hope not.

How old do I feel right now? Maybe … eleven? There is an aspect of bringing home the report card about this. Will Mom be pleased?


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