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Maybe it's an MG

Groggy and bleary (2 of the Disney dwarves who didn't make the final cut) and slurping coffee, I am up early because I usually am. My body has more regular habits than I do. I had planned to sleep in after the show last night. That's 2 performances now. I'm sure regular readers are eager to hear how the run is going. I'm tempted to borrow Lawrence of Arabia's modest subtitle for his 7 Pillars of Wisdom -- "A Triumph" -- which may be pushing a bit, and doesn't sound like me. (Old Larry had ego the way the Hindenburg had gas.) So I'll say that the VOS production of Into The Woods is "Better than Okay -- maybe even pretty darn good." The cast is bonding nicely too -- always a fun part of the show. One of them came up to me after my song in the second act last night (a haunting duet between an estranged father and son) and whispered, with a big smile, "That was great. You know, Richard, you should take singing lessons." I didn't know quite how to respond. "Thanks for the comment," I said, finally. "I'll certainly consider it." (Probably just as well I didn't call it A Triumph.) I am almost finished checking over the copy-edited manuscript of Into The Ravine. This is not my favorite part of the process. Laborious, time consuming, and looking for tiny things that are wrong. If the best parts of writing -- the bits when it's going well -- are like playing ball with your kids, or reading them stories, or taking them out for ice cream, copy editing is like checking them for head lice.


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