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Metaphors, am I right?

Finished for now. We’re about halfway through the draft and the ball is in Melanie’s court.

No, that image implies that we are opponents, and we’re on the same side. The baton has been passed on. No, that doesn’t work either, because I’ll get it back in a few days.

Metaphors suck. Which itself is a … oh, skip it.

After a dozen back and forth chapters -- he said, she said, he said – I thought we’d try to break the pattern and have my guy write two chapters in a row. I was halfway into the 2d chapter when I asked her if that was okay. She said, Sure.

(What a great writing partner! Mind you, what choice did she have?)

Couple of fun scenes, one a straight farce, near discovery, doors closing and opening just in time. I signed off yesterday, leaving her hero exactly where I was supposed to … but not exactly when I was supposed to. She wanted me to finish on a Saturday morning, and I got the characters to the right place on the Friday night. I hope she can deal with the time shift.

Wonder if she’ll like the way I furnished her character’s room? My personal interior decorator doesn’t get out much. But, really, who doesn’t like blue doors and paintings of parrots and cans of SPAM? I’m sure she’ll be fine with it.

(Man, who would write with me?)

We had the classic new-character debate: who gets introduced as a threat - a baby or a dog? I don’t want to give too much away. I’ll just say that I did some rewriting and my hero’s readiness went from DEFCON 4 to DEFCON 1.


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