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No Hurry Yet

‘Hurry up and wait’ may be the atmosphere in a war zone. And getting a book ready for publication can be a bit of a struggle. But I am not getting a wartime vibe about Autumn Bird And The Crow. Not yet, anyway.

Melanie and I pitched the book to the Scholastic sales team a month ago. No panic, no hurry up, no prep needed. All we did was log in, natter about process and work dynamic, make a few jokes at each other’s expense, and exit the Zoom meeting. Feedback was low-key positive.

And then?

And then?

Nothing. Silence from the editorial front lines. I spent a month or more wrestling with my next project (losing on points, sigh) dealing with roofers and exterminators (don’t ask!) and buying space heaters.

And then, just yesterday, the silence was broken. A ragged messenger appeared with news of the battle. By which I mean that editorial contacted us with a schedule. Notes are coming in a couple of weeks. Cover designs are in the works.

In other words: 'don’t hurry up, and wait a bit more.'

The good news is that we are all on the same side.

And I suspect that ‘hurry up’ is coming.


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