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t’s official. We have reached the ‘hurry up’ stage of the project. No more waiting.

Just got a page of very-last-minute notes from Hardworking Anne. Seems that in her eleventy-third read of AUTUMN BIRD AND THE RUNAWAY she spotted some inconsistencies and wants me and Melanie to deal with them

Sidebar. Is there a collective noun for inconsistencies? You talk about a herd of zebras or a murder of crows. Is there a kvetch of inconsistencies? A groan? A grudging admission? Whatever the collective is, that’s what Anne found.

Sunsets, bedtimes, traffic patterns, black eyes. Things like that. And speaking of eyes, I am impressed (not for the first time) at HA’s eye for the detail of the details.

I got back to her right away and asked when she wanted us to deal with her notes.

Is there a hard deadline? I asked.

Yes, she replied. Production schedule is kind of tight.

Okay. When do you want to hear back?




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