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on writing

Writing is like a lot of things. One of the things it is like is exercise. Do it regularly. I have got slack-bellied about my blogging (not real writing, I know, but the principle is the same) so I plan to work out more often. Hit the keyboard, do a few reps, work up a sweat, go home feeling better about myself. Then do it again tomorrow.

The classic exercise pattern was developed long ago by Milo of Crotona (see picture labelled: MILO OF CROTONA) -- who carried a calf around every day. His strength increased with regular repetition of the exercise, so that as the calf got bigger he got stronger, and by the time the calf was a teenager Milo was getting all kinds of stares from the neighbours. It is not recorded if he ever got married, or even had a boyfriend or girlfriend, but I would doubt it. No way I am letting my kid go out with the guy. What about Achilles? I'd say. You know he's crazy about you and he's practically a god. Why can't you go out with him? Or Croesus? Yeah, he's a bit old, but, honey he can't live forever and he's as rich as -- well, as rich as a real rich guy.

Sorry, got lost there at the idea of my kids going out with rich people. Every parent has a dream about the future, and mine involves being supported by my daughter or son-in-law.

Back to Milo and the calf. The key word in that story from the point of view of exercise is every day. (Yes it's two words -- shut up.) The key word from the point of view of memorability is calf.

I think I've made my point.


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