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Over To Me

Melanie sent her chapter to me this afternoon. The ball is now in my court. Great! I am done theorizing about my character for now, and eager to get back to granular writing.

I stared at the attachment for several seconds, then took decisive action. I had lunch. After lunch, more action: I read another chapter in Yanagihara’s A little Life (which I started out really liking, and with which I am having trouble now. May unpack my thoughts later).

Then I opened the attachment and read Mel’s chapter, which puts our 2 heroes together in the same place and will lead to something going forward. Her cover note talks about feeling a little out of control, not knowing quite where the book is going. Kind of like that picture./

Well, that makes two of us. But it’s okay, it’s what we want, right? Right?

Let me find my opening sentence and I’ll be able to start the next chapter. Her last line is: ‘”After you,” she said.’

How to follow that?

Suddenly, a shot rang out. Meh.

‘"No, no, you go first – after all, my people came after yours.” Maybe a little too on point and early.

Heavy spring smells of jasmine and hyacinth wafted through the purple twilight, reminding Cody of a dream in which he rode a … You know, I’m already bored.

Don’t worry, I’ll think of something.


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