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I am very glad not to be a social media influencer.

Sorry, before that, I should say that I am moved, impressed, and slightly overwhelmed at the show of concern after my last post. Over the last few months I have tossed out occasional updates on the progress of my current project, as much for my own benefit as anyone else’s. I usually get a few interested or joking comments, and I enjoy them. My last post was about ways in which writing can stall – one of which is health. I mentioned that I had been ill, and got inundated (maybe Taylor Swift wouldn’t call it inundated, or Glennon Doyle or PewDiePie, since they have gazillions of FB friends and followers, but inundated for me) with care and love and compassion and concern. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all of your good hearts. Which leads me to --

Sorry sorry. First things first.

I am fine. I should have started with that. I did feel dizzy for a day or so, but I am dizzy no longer. I have felt not dizzy for a week.

In that week, I finished my rewrite, caught up on my teaching, went for several shortish runs and longish walks, did dozens (dozens!) of pushups, drank lots of coffee, and – in short – lived my regular life.

So that’s everyone up to date. Now, back to where I started.

I’m glad not to be an influencer for a variety of reasons. First, it’s a lot of work. You have to get those videos out there regularly. You have to fill the cyber-void with your take on whatever your niche is – politics, sport, dance memes, make up, religion, opening boxes of electronics, whatever.

It’s time-consuming. But more than that, more than just putting out hours and hours of product, being a social media star means being aware of a VAST audience. I am overcome by a few dozen caring posts. How could I respond to hundreds? Thousands? I couldn’t.

Social media stars can hold the attention of a big crowd. But they can’t care about them as individuals, as people. (Did the Rolling Stones care about individual fans in that 70s picture?) Influencers care about their fans as an aggregate of support, which they have to keep feeding on a daily basis. I couldn’t do it. I am as self-absorbed as anyone else, and I like validation as much as anyone else, but I want it on more relaxed and personal terms. Every year or two I’ll write a story – because I like writing stories. Every now and then I’ll tell my friends how things are going. And respond to them as friends, as individuals.

Like this.

Love you all. Til next time.


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