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Been a month since I checked in with y’all. (That sounds like I have a lot of readers. Let me change ‘y’all’ to ‘both of you,’ or more accurately, to ‘Kim and Sanjay and sometimes Mom.’) Anyway, I’d apologize but for what? I haven’t checked in because there hasn’t been much to say.

This series of posts is an experiment in writing about a particular project. A month or more ago Melanie and I finished the current version of that project. No edits have come back. The project is still on our editor’s desk, one manuscript in a long line of manuscripts she is dealing with.


I have not been idle. In fact I’m engaged in some serious cleaning out the wreckage of my past (not in an AA way – I’m moving from a biggish sorta cool loft to a smallish flat in a house). I’m even doing some other work: I finished a re-rewrite of a book about writing. That too is in a line on another editor’s desk.

Less emphatic ahem.

Herman Melville says that a writer needs four things: time, strength, cash, patience. I would add that a good idea is also useful. I think that Melanie and I began with a good idea. And we’ve had the cash and strength to get through our first drafts. Now it’s time for patience.


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