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racism, ageism, dudeism

Hey hey!  I lost this address and haven't been able to get to the blog for a couple weeks.  Just now, browsing around my computer looking for music, I found the missing address.  And I'm back. Back from Florida, among other things.  Down there visiting my folks who are brown holy crap I did not know my own mom at first glance.  Generational views on tanning.  I dunno - Mom didn't look unhealthy so much as a different race. Funny place, Florida - at least the part around Lauderdale which is the only part I know.  Nothing too horrible about it but there's nothing really great either.   Beaches, restaurants, highways, shops, buildings - everything scores a pretty good.  Can't help noticing that all the crappy jobs are held by non-whites, and that almost everyone on the beach is not non-white. I guess that's kind of horrible. Couple cliche moments on the road.  First, there's a lot of old people driving around.  I know I am not young but we are talking ooooooooold.  Like the guy in the picture.  One guy looked not just older than his Ford but older than the Ford motor company.  Was he travelling quickly?  No he was not. Scariest was pulling out of my folks' parking lot on the way to the airport.  There was a big car tortoising towards us, and my taxi driver figured to beat it, but just as he pulled out, the tortoise put his foot down, and suddenly here was this grille  practically in my lap. Dude! I shouted, as we skipped out of the way with centimeters to spare. And then I blushed all over at the idea that my last word on earth might have been, dude.


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