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Red vs McDreamy

What's Easter eve: Good Saturday? Holy Saturday? (sounds like something Batman would say. I am such a bad Christian) Anyway, the difference between boys and girls (I have four teens, two of each) on Easter eve is that girls want to watch Grey's Anatomy and boys want to watch Red vs Blue. A friend of my older son's brought over four season's worth of the internet comedy, and we watched until my older daughter got bored with the existential chatty violence. So we tried some of the Grey's Anatomy she'd rented, and my older son got wide-eyed and appalled at the sexy crying doctors. My eldest are twins, but such a girl; and such a boy. I got a kick out of watching everyone watching. (Couldn't help noticing my younger girl giggling at the meaning-of-life box canyon debate in Red vs Blue, and my younger son shaking his head sympathetically when McDreamy -- or is it McSteamy -- lost his patient). The difference between boys and girls on Easter morning is the way the egg hunt is organized. First we did it my way, with a sequence of written clues in bad rhyming couplets. Then, because they enjoy games, the kids decided to hide the candy again. My older daughter's idea was as organized as she is. Everyone drew a name from a hat, and one of us stayed in the bathroom while the others hid the candy. The hunting was done in order, with everyone offering hot and cold advice. In the end all of us were pleased. My older son's idea was for us all to take candy at random, and hide it with our eyes closed. Then we were to stumble our way back to the living room and begin the hunt, shouting hot and cold advice whenever anyone got near where we thought we had hidden anything. In the end all of us were hoarse. Sometimes I worry about the kids. Sometimes I can't help thinking they are by far the best thing in my life.


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