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Sentimental? Me?


I knew this would happen. I get excited about posting. Yes, I will embrace some sort of social media – well, Facebook. (Don’t push me onto Tik Tok yet. Maybe my grandkids can teach me. Once I get grandkids.) Anyway, I track my progress on the book I’m writing for two or three days in a row. Then I skip a day. Then I skip two days. I get lazier and lazier.

It’s the same with exercise - I mean well but I get lazy after a few trips to the gym. Ditto house cleaning. Ditto personal hygiene. Ditto earning a living. Ditto fatherhood. Ditto coming up with other things I am lazy about. Ditto everything.

It’s been a week or so since I updated you on the book Melanie and I are writing. She took a couple days to write a couple chapters, and I took a few more days to write one. (But mine are denser than hers. Adjectives take time.)

I am a little worried about this latest chapter, which may test positive for sentiment. Usually, I try to avoid sentiment. I wear my mask of humour and practice emotional distancing. I wash my hands of people and causes. But I think I slipped up this time. Too much caring in the same room. I’ll go into quarantine until the test comes back. Hope to talk to you soon.


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