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Hey, Hey, Hey!

Promise not to laugh?  I lost my log-in info and have been unable to access my own website and blog. That's one reason I haven't been around...

Another reason is that I am easily distracted, and busy. Two reasons. Whatever.

I'm back now, thanks to my son-in-law's tech skills, which are greater than mine. Of course, the average five-year-old's tech skills are greater than mine.  But Dean is quite savvy, and I finally got round to asking him to help. (See above for reasons why I did not do this earlier.)

What's your log-in? he asked, and then, when I didn't know, What's your mail address?  And when that proved to be the wrong address, Well, what addresses did you used to use? And finally, What phone number did you used to have?  And then, sighing deeply and audibly (a common reaction when millennial discuss tech with parents or grandparents), Why don't we start from scratch?

Which we did. So I'm back. Have you missed me?

While I was away I wrote a book which will come out next year, and another one which will come out in about two months. I can give you a sneak preview now (not much of a sneak, since Scholastic is the publisher and they do NOT sneak around).  Here's the cover.

I'll talk about the book here because, well, this whole site is about me and I don't mind playing along with that self-aware douchebaggery. If you're here, you care about me (thanks, Mom). It's harder for me to talk about myself on social  media because - as I mention above - I am easily distracted and busy. But mostly because I feel like I'm intruding.

You want to find out about Beyonce or baseball or Buttigieg (just choosing some B's at random there) and here I come tugging at your skirt and saying, Hey, hey, hey look at me!

Can  you buy the book yet?  No.  Can you pre-order it?  Sure, but I don't know how. I bet Scholastic can tell you. Or Indigo. Or maybe my son-on-law.  Next time I see him I'll ask about a pre-order button.

Only by then I'll have forgotten how to log in again.


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