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where am I again?

I'm terrible.  I should be posting more frequently. I have lots to say.  Stuff is happening.  But, alas, though my life keeps getting fuller, the number of minutes in the day stays the same.  So not only am I not posting as often as I'd like, I am not able to write as lengthily as I used. So, like, I am in Alberta now, land of farms and oil and cities like Edmonton, where the streets are numbered and change numbers from block to block so that what used to be 66th is now 75th ...  and then it turns into 66th again.  As if the city was designed by a numerate geek who had too much to drink and then started punching away at the calculator. It's easy to get lost (in fact it's almost impossible not to get lost) , which is too bad if there's a  schoolful of kids waiting for you to talk to them. On the good side, it's not boring.

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