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Not a novel writing day. While Melanie slogs away at her chapter, I am editing student work, paying overdue taxes, chatting with kids and friends.

Am I thinking about Belongingness? Yes. Plot and character ideas buzz in the background all day long, ambient music in my biopic. Which feels normal to me. In all the years (25 or so) since I first got paid to craft sentences, I have taken exactly 0 days completely off. Words don't appear on the screen every day, but I always look in at the office. It is, after all, wherever I am.

The kids' writer Avi says, "Remember, thinking about writing is not writing. Planning your writing is not writing. Only writing is writing."

To which I reply, "But it's still work. The writing I do tomorrow will be different because of the thinking I do today."

Or, more succinctly, as in the picture: "Blblblblblbl."


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